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The MG Car Club is committed to following the latest UK Government advice on events and public gatherings. Current government and public health advice states that all, non-essential social contact with other people should be avoided for foreseeable future. We are also being advised to avoid pubs, which if course is the most popular type of venue of regional club meets. Those at risk or with underlying health issues are being advised to self-isolate for a period of 12 weeks.

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Honorary member of the MG Car Club and motor racing legend, Sir Stirling Moss passed away following a long-term illness. Lady Moss was by his side at Mayfair House until the early hours of Easter morning. Lady Moss said that Sir Stirling “ died as he lived, looking wonderful.”

MG Owners Holland

As part of our celebrations, we would like to create a gallery of photographs, submitted by you the members, that truly captures our passion for MGs and the best elements of club life.
It could be a special photo you shot at a MGLive!, the first time you got behind the wheel of your MG, you and your mates at a Club Meet, or you working away in your garage or workshop.
Maybe it’s a tiny detail that you love about your MG, or maybe an atmospheric image you’ve captured of your pride and joy, or it’s your car in full flight on a road run – the options are almost limitless – the choice is yours!




mg owners holland

If you think of a quintessential British classic sports car, you will most likely think of the MGB GT. This four-seater Pininfarina designed grand tourer dominated the British sports car market through the 60’s and 70’s and to this day remains as Richard Hammond put it “Britons most popular classic”. Now the B got it’s spiritual successor in 1995 when Rover released the much loved MGF. It sold in massive numbers and was effectively produced (albeit with a few breaks) right up until 2010!