For Sale MGJ2 1934

The car has been restored by Henk van Leeuwen from Helvoirt/NL over a period of 20 years. Some history of the car is known, it used to belong a.o. to Dries Jetten, a famous dutch rally driver. When Henk bought the car it was in need of total restoration, which he carried out over two decades. When the car was finished, Henk had the age of 84 and decided to sell the J2 and keep his TC, which he drives regularly until today. I was then able to buy the car from him (2012).
  • Chassis :J2/4431, probably the last produced J2
  • Body:J2 type Midget, 2 str. Swept wing. Correct bodywork, all new woodwork   and sheet covering (made by Steve Gilbert/UK), fenders made newly, all work done by leading Dutch MG specialist Teun Hoogmoed
  • Paint:Black
  • Seats:Newly upholstered seats, new carpets, hood, full tonneau and short tonneau, side screens, all made by Kuypers (leading Dutch upholsterer)
  • Engine: Correct engine (1802AJ), completely overhauled, new bearings, pistons, tappets, a.s.o.
  • Carburettors:Correct 7/8” SU, all overhauled
  • Gearbox:Correct non synchromesh 4 speed\
    Others:All technical parts are either the original ones fully overhauled or new old stock
  • Wheels:Correct, newly spoked and lacquered, new tires
  • Electrics:All new, with fabric coated cables as original
During my ownership the car was hardly driven (less than 500 miles), but regularly maintained by the Oudejans brothers Rob and Berry, they are the Dutch MG T Type Owners Club’s specialists on Prewar MG’s.
The car is garaged at our cottage in Hayingen Anhausen (in the south of Germany), I keep my cars there for summer trips to Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy. Unfortunately I find the J2 not too suited for traveling hills and mountains. Therefore it is for sale.
For more information please feel free to ask by sending the owner an email.